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Why Yoga Really Works

Yoga is probably one of the most relaxing and mentally cleansing type of workout today. It is an ancient Eastern practice designed to blend your body with your mind. It was developed in India over five millenia ago. Studies have shown that yoga gives positive effects on the brain, central nervous system and immune system. Many doctors use yoga in their practice to treat a multitude of medical conditions. Yoga can be a great physical therapy tool as well.

Yoga relaxes your muscles and improves your breathing. Yoga is an efficient and effective way of exercising. Everything you do is engaging your core and is a full body workout.

When doing yoga you have an intense focus that helps quiet your brain. Practicing yoga helps normalize your adrenal glands which helps to lighten the production of the hormone cortisol. Cortisol has been known to be responsible for craving fatty foods. Yoga improves your balance and it will increase your flexibility protecting your joints and muscles from damage.

You will notice you have more control over feelings of anger and fear. While yoga generally burns fewer calories than regular exercise, you can still lose weight. Yoga increases one’s mindfulness and the way you relate to your body. Thus individuals will become more aware of what they are eating and make better food choices. Stress has also been linked to weight gain.

Doing yoga just a few times per week will help keep your stress levels down. You can do yoga at a studio, your office or in the privacy of your own home.

There are many different types of yoga. Ashtenga is the oldest form, that is fast-paced and rigorous. This type of yoga is not for beginners and is generally performed by athletic or advanced yoga students. Vinyasa focuses on how breathing affects the mind and body.

It’s based on a series of poses called the sun salutations which movement is matched to the breath. In this type of yoga is very soothing and a great practice for beginners.

Lyengar is another advanced type of yoga. It takes a lot of stamina as you hold poses for longer periods of time than the other practices. This type of yoga is perfect for those who suffer from chronic illnesses and those who want to become more flexible. Kundalini combines rapid and repetitive movements. You also perform chants throughout the entire session. It is meant for students to focus on their change in breathing during their postures. You might need a tutor for this type of yoga teaching!

Bikram yoga know as “hot yoga” is done in rooms where the temperature is above 90 degrees. The heat makes the soft tissues in the body more pliable, so it’s easier to do poses. It’s important to add that it can be dangerous to those with high blood pressure, a heart condition or any other chronic illness.